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Kallam Spinning Mills Limited has three hydro electric plants with 4.0 MW capacity at Nelakondapally Mandal, Khammam District of Andhra Pradesh. These plants are on 16th & 17th branch canal of Nagarjuna Sagar project left main canal.

The first two projects of 0.8 MW and 1.6 MW were commissioned in Jan 2002 and third hydro electric plant of 1.6 MW was commissioned in March 2011. All the generators produce electricity at 6.6 KV voltage level. The generated voltage is enhanced to 33 KV by a power transformer and fed to the state electricity grid. The hydel power generation solely dependent on the canal water flow.

KSML have good electrical and mechanical engineering team at the hydro electric plants. They ensure the availability of plant by more than 98% when water is flowing in the canal.